The Ideal Winter Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

woman dry skin

Published: January 15, 2024

woman dry skin

Dry skin is a skin type, meaning that many people experience it year-round. However, once the winter months roll in, that dryness can quickly become much worse, leading to cracking, flaking, redness, itching, and general discomfort.

The best way to prevent these problems from occurring is by building a deeply hydrating and moisturizing skincare routine – one that’s capable of replenishing the natural oils and moisture that your skin is lacking.

How do you go about doing that? That’s where Avinichi comes in. Keep reading to discover the ideal winter skincare routine that will soon have you in full control of your dry skin.

Understanding Dry Skin

Before we get started, it’s important to ensure that you understand the basic ins and outs of dry skin.

Simply put, dry skin is caused when the skin isn’t producing enough sebum. Whether this is down to genetics, the weather, your age, lifestyle factors, or anything else, the lack of sebum causes the skin to feel dry while looking dull and rough. Cracking, itching, scaling, pronounced creases, and sensitivities are also common among those with dry skin.

Another side effect of dry skin is dehydration. This is due to the skin’s inability to retain moisture. The lack of sebum on the skin’s surface means that moisture evaporates out of the skin at a much faster rate. 

Whatever the symptoms you may experience, they’re likely to be exacerbated by the winter weather. The low humidity levels during the colder season leave the skin even more dehydrated, while the wind and cold temperatures strip away what little sebum your skin is producing.

With so many issues to contend with, caring for dry skin in the right way is crucial. Here’s how to put together a winter skincare routine that will help you to do just that:

Start With the Noni Mousse Cleanser

mousse cleanser

The first step of every skincare routine, no matter your skin type or the skin concerns you’re struggling with, should be to cleanse. This will remove the built-up impurities that would have otherwise made your dryness and roughness worse. It will also give the rest of your skincare products easy access into your skin, meaning that all of the products that you use will be able to work to their full potential.

However, many cleansers are notorious for making dry skin worse. This is down to how they strip away the skin’s natural oils. As you know, these oils are something that dry skin is already lacking. You need to preserve those oils rather than scrubbing them away each day.

This makes it vital to use a gentle cleanser, just like the Avinichi Noni Mousse Cleanser. Rather than containing harsh surfactants, it’s full of coconut-derived cleansing agents that will condition your skin while they clean it. It’s also brimming with numerous ingredients designed to soothe the feeling of irritation and discomfort, such as chamomile extract, calendula extract, and moringa seed oil.

Exfoliate Once a Week With the Noni Polishing Peel

Noni Polishing Peel

Dry skin tends to feel quite rough to the touch. This is where exfoliation can be a game-changer. It will remove those rough skin cells to reveal a layer of skin that looks and feels smooth, soft, and bright.

Unfortunately, just like with cleansers, many exfoliators can be too harsh for dry skin. You don’t want to use overly potent acids, but sharp abrasive ingredients are a no-go too. 

Instead, the ideal exfoliator for dry skin would be one that makes use of a gentle and mild acid, along with a soft abrasive, just like the Avinichi Noni Polishing Peel. In this formula, mandelic acid and bamboo powder come together to exfoliate the skin. Meanwhile, plant oils keep the skin moisturized and botanical extracts provide vitamins and antioxidants. It’s the perfect combination for dealing with dryness!

Boost Moisture Levels With a Weekly Mask

Noni Advanced Hydro-gel Face & Eye Mask

Another weekly addition to your winter skincare routine should be a face mask. Certain formulas will be able to bump up your skin’s moisture levels even further, making masks such a useful tool for anyone with dry skin.

Take the Avinichi Noni Advanced Hydro-Gel Face & Eye Mask, for example. Hydrogel masks are revered for their hydrating abilities. At the same time, they’ve also been shown to increase the look of radiance and luminosity, which dry skin often lacks. This mask also happens to contain several antioxidant-rich botanicals. They’ll leave your skin looking so much brighter and smoother!

If sheet masks aren’t your thing, you may prefer our Liquid Lift Overnight Melting Mask. It’s a leave-on formula that’s jam-packed with hydrating ingredients and antioxidant-rich superfruit extracts. However, while sheet masks should be applied after cleansing and/or exfoliating, save this mask for after you’ve applied your serums, but before you layer on your moisturizer. 

Hydrate With the Noni Pore Purifying Toner

Purifying Toner

Once you’re done cleansing and/or exfoliating, it’s time to apply a toner. This is a product that people with dry skin often avoid, believing toners to be astringent products that will only further dry out their skin.

This may be true in some cases, but not when it comes to the Avinichi Noni Pore Purifying Toner. Instead, this formula is primarily focused on hydrating the skin while soothing the feeling of inflammation.

With this toner, you’ll be able to boost your skin’s moisture levels with a mix of aloe vera leaf juice and cucumber fruit extract. At the same time, chamomile and noni extracts will keep your complexion calm and balanced. The result will be skin that feels beautifully refreshed and perfectly prepped for the rest of this skincare routine.

Apply the Hydrating Multifruit C-Serum

Hydrating Multifruit C-Serum

You’ll notice that hydration plays a key part in every stage of this skincare routine, which is essential when working with dry skin. However, although the Avinichi Hydrating Multifruit C-Serum may be a great product for quenching your skin, that’s not the only way in which it can help…

Vitamin C is revered for its many skin-loving benefits. One of these is how it leaves the skin barrier feeling stronger and more supported, which can reduce the look of dryness. It will work to brighten a dull complexion too, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s great for lightening the visibility of dark spots as well, and its antioxidant properties will leave your skin feeling healthier overall.

While some forms of vitamin C are known for irritating dry skin, the Avinichi Hydrating Multifruit C-Serum has the opposite effect. In addition to providing two gentle forms of vitamin C, it’s also packed with plant oils that will ensure that your skin feels soothed and moisturized.

Layer On Our Hydrating Antioxidant Serum

Thermal Collection

It can be difficult to make up for the lack of natural oils that your skin has with just a couple of products. After all, those oils form layers of their own, which is how they’re so effective at moisture retention. 

This is why it always pays to layer on multiple hydrating serums when dealing with dry skin. Hydrating your skin in layers will really ramp up your skin’s moisture levels while coating its surface with a slightly thicker barrier that will keep your skin feeling better protected.

That’s why we recommend following your vitamin C serum up with the Avinichi Hydrating Antioxidant Serum from our Phyto Thermal Collection. This serum is loaded with peptides, which will not only keep your skin moisturized but will also leave your skin barrier feeling fortified. Of course, this formula is super-hydrating too, enough to give your skin a plumper and fuller finish after your very first use.

Show Your Eye Area Some Love

Eye Serum

If you’re trying to keep your skincare routine as simple as possible, then go ahead and use the other products that we’ve featured on the skin around your eyes too.

However, if you’re dealing with specific visible skin concerns in your eye area, then giving this part of your face some TLC can be worthwhile.

The eye products that you use should be dictated by the skin concerns that you’re dealing with. For example, if you’re looking to simply hydrate and plump up the look of your skin, the Avinichi Eye Rescue Phyto-Serum would be a great choice. On the other hand, if you’re struggling with the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, give the Avinichi Dark Circle Eye Perfecting Cream a try. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using both an eye serum and an eye cream. Not only will you be able to tackle more of your complexion’s issues but this will also provide additional layers of moisture. This is something that dry skin will always appreciate!

Moisturize With the Noni Morning Glow or the Noni Night Repair Cream

Noni Morning Glow

A rich moisturizer is important when dealing with dry skin. The richer the cream that you use, the better you’ll be able to leave your skin feeling replenished.

Ideally, choose a moisturizer that’s suitable for the time of day that you’re using it. In the mornings, your skin will need a cream that will keep it feeling protected against environmental damage, which is what the Avinichi Noni Morning Glow does.

At nighttime, when moisture loss is at its highest, it will need a thicker formula that’s loaded with plant oils and butters to better trap in moisture. This is where the Avinichi Noni Night Repair Cream, infused with shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and sunflower seed oil, excels. 

Finish Off With SPF During the Day

While your moisturizer can round off your evening skincare routine, your morning regimen requires an extra step; SPF. This is absolutely essential, not only to ward off skin cancer and accelerated aging, but also because of how UV rays can make dry skin even worse.

Ideally, pick a product that offers a minimum SPF of 30. Make sure that you diligently apply this throughout the day. Sunscreen only protects for about two hours, after which your skin will need another layer.


Although dry skin can often be frustrating to deal with, the skincare routine that we’ve detailed above will no doubt make your life so much easier. These products will not only hydrate and moisturize your skin, but they’ll also help with any other visible skin concerns that you’re dealing with, giving you the beautifully flawless complexion that you deserve!

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