Teen Skincare: Establishing Healthy Habits

teen skincare

Published: June 30, 2024

teen skincare

Although social media may tell you otherwise, teen skincare doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Sure, puberty may cause havoc to the skin in the form of oiliness and acne breakouts, but teenage skin is still relatively delicate, meaning that going overboard with a teenage skincare routine could only end up harming, rather than helping, your skin.

Instead, teen skincare should be about encompassing the basics and building healthy habits that can then be expanded on as that individual progresses through life. So, whether you have a teen or you are a teen, read on as Avinichi talks through the main focal points for skincare during those turbulent teenage years.

Keep Teen Skin Clean…

Cleansing forms one of the most crucial building blocks of a good skincare routine. It’s something that a person should be doing regularly throughout life, and the teenage years are the perfect time to start getting into this habit.

With that said, while cleansing is important for everyone, teenagers have an added reason to stay on top of their cleansing game. With hormones in full swing at this stage in life, sebum production often soars. This causes excessive oiliness, which leads to acne breakouts. It’s extremely common during the teenage years, with up to 95% of teens experiencing it to some extent.

How does cleansing help? For starters, it clears away any acne-causing bacteria on the skin’s surface. It also removes excess oil, as well as dirt, dead skin cells, and more. Leave these in place and they’ll only clog up the pores and contribute to breakouts.

The best habit to get into at this point is to cleanse twice a day; once in the morning and then again before bed.

…But With a Gentle Cleanser

mousse cleanser

If cleansing can make such a big difference to teen acne, then surely this means that teenagers would be best off using the most powerful cleanser that they can find? 

In theory, that would make sense. However, let’s not forget that teenage skin is surprisingly thin. Sure, it may contain more collagen and elastin than adult skin, which is why fine lines and wrinkles won’t be an issue yet, but its fragile nature means that it can easily end up damaged. Since harsh surfactants can cause damage to adult skin, they should most definitely be avoided by teens.

How do you know if a cleanser is gentle and teen-friendly? Take a look at its ingredients list and make sure that you don’t spot the word ‘sulfate’ anywhere on there. There are plenty of other alternative ingredients now available, such as the cleansing agents that have been used in Avinichi’s cleansers.

The Noni Clarifying Lather Purifier would be a great addition to a teen skincare routine if the appearance of acne is an issue. It’s a sulfate-free foaming cleanser that happens to be great at removing excess oil. If acne isn’t a problem, go with an even gentler formula, like the Noni Mousse Cleanser. This one contains a number of moisturizing ingredients. It will leave teen skin looking soft and bright!

Introduce Exfoliation

Noni Polishing Peel

Exfoliation isn’t something that children should be doing, but the teenage years are the ideal time to introduce it to a person’s skincare routine. Experts generally recommend that teens begin exfoliating at around the age of 14. This tends to be when acne caused by puberty becomes a problem. However, there’s no strict age as to when exfoliation should begin. Every teen should take their own skin into account.

Either way, exfoliation is something that you should start doing at some point in your teenage years. It doesn’t need to be done often – once a week is plenty for a teen.

When it comes to choosing an exfoliator that’s suitable for teen skincare, keep things gentle. Teenage skin shouldn’t be subjected to harsh acids. This doesn’t mean that you need to completely avoid acids but go with mild AHAs, such as the mandelic acid in the Noni Polishing Peel. This exfoliator combines mandelic acid with bamboo powder, a physical exfoliant. Together, they’ll effectively clear away pore blockages without causing any harm to the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Hold Off on the Potent Actives

Hydrating Collection

Retinol, glycolic acid, peptides, vitamin C…all of these ingredients are big buzzwords in the skincare industry. They’re usually marketed as must-have ingredients, making people feel as though they’ll be missing out if they don’t use them. 

Of course, teens are at an impressionable age. Some will see their favorite beauty influencer raving about a certain active ingredient and immediately feel the need to try that ingredient out for themselves.

However, it’s important to remember that most active ingredients are geared toward tackling specific visible skin concerns. Most are focused on repairing the look of damage that comes with age – something that teens don’t need to be concerned about just yet. 

With that said, some of the gentler actives out there can be beneficial if teenage skin is suffering from certain issues. Sodium hyaluronate, which you’ll find in the Mulberry Velvet Silk Crème in Avinichi’s Mulberry Hydrating Regimen, is a useful one to use if dryness or dehydration is affecting your skin. Meanwhile, salicylic acid at a low concentration can be helpful when dealing with persistent teenage acne.

As we mentioned earlier, teenage skin is actually quite thin and is still establishing itself. Powerful actives will only throw it off balance, so keep that teen skincare routine gentle.

Understand the Importance of Sun Protection

Studies show that people feel more attractive when they have a tan, making it hardly surprising that tanned skin is something that many teens revere. They strive for that golden glow, spending hours baking their skin under the sun in an attempt to achieve that perfect bronze finish.

Unfortunately, while this may lead to a temporary tan, it’s also causing significant damage to the deeper layers of the skin. UV rays damage skin cells at DNA level, which is how they’re able to drastically accelerate the skin aging process. Although teens don’t spend much time worrying about their skin aging, all of the sunbathing that takes place now is something that will be regretted in a big way later on in life.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that teenagers need to completely avoid the sun. After all, spending time outdoors is vital for healthy development! However, this is where the importance of sunscreen needs to be understood and prioritized. 

The teenage years are a good time to start getting familiar with the different types of sunscreens. Learn about how chemical sunscreens work differently from mineral sunscreens, and figure out which formula suits your skin best. Many teens veer away from mineral formulas because of the white cast that’s left behind on the skin. However, chemical sunscreens can sometimes trigger breakouts. Some form of trial and error will be needed to identify the perfect SPF match for a teen skincare routine.

Consistency is Everything

Teenagers tend to have a short attention span. While a skincare routine may seem new and exciting to begin with, it can start to feel like a chore over time, meaning that many teens don’t end up sticking to their newly established regimens. 

However, when it comes to building healthy skin habits, consistency is everything. Sure, applying a couple of products every few days is better than nothing but this isn’t going to be hugely beneficial for your skin in the long run.

Instead, skincare should be carried out twice a day, in the morning and then at night. This is another reason why it can be helpful to keep a teen skincare routine simple – it will be much faster and easier to follow! Get into the habit of caring for your skin twice a day at this stage in life and skincare will feel effortless in the future.

Make Teen Skincare Fun

Thermal Mask

In order for a teen to give skincare their undivided attention, it needs to be fun. No teenager wants to spend their time on something that feels boring and tedious!

How do you make skincare fun while still in-keeping with a simple daily skincare routine?

By adding in a couple of extra products that can be used weekly instead of daily. Face masks are great for this. They’re not a necessity in a teen skincare routine but they can make a routine feel special and indulgent, in a way that has a teen looking forward to their skincare regimen. 

If teen acne is an issue, a clay mask, like the Phyto Remedy Thermal Mask, would be the way to go. Alternatively, a hydrating hydrogel mask, such as the Noni Advanced Hydro-Gel Face & Eye Mask, can be used on all skin types to provide a boost of moisture and decadence!

Establish Healthy Lifestyle Habits

It’s important for teenagers to understand that skincare isn’t solely about applying topical products to the skin. Instead, with the skin being the body’s largest organ, lifestyle habits can have a major influence on the complexion too.

Take diet, for example. Many teens shy away from the idea of healthy eating but building these habits now will encourage a problem-free complexion in the long run. Find ways to make skin-friendly foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and nuts, appealing to teens and you’ll be giving that youthful skin vital nutrients from within.

Sleeping habits affect the skin in a big way too. While many teens love late nights and long lie-ins, regular sleep/wake times are what you should be aiming for. This is another habit that, if established now, will carry through into adulthood.


The teenage years can be a tricky time, but it’s also when establishing healthy habits is crucial. While many teens may believe that they need a 10-step skincare routine, this simply isn’t true, and knowing how to separate fact from fiction at this early age will bode well for your skin in the future. Instead, keep that teen skincare routine basic yet exciting so that not only will it effectively tackle the visible skin concerns that teenage skin faces, but will also be enticing enough for a busy teen to want to set aside some time for skincare twice a day.

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