Spotless Solutions: Banishing the Appearance of Dark Spots With Avinichi

woman dark spots

Published: May 15, 2024

woman dark spots

Although dark spots aren’t harmful in any way, the speckled and discolored finish that they can give to the skin is usually something that people try to avoid. If you’re looking for a way to clear up your complexion and banish the appearance of your dark spots, here are some solutions to try from Avinichi:

Exfoliate With a Gentle Chemical Exfoliant

Noni Polishing Peel-2

Regularly exfoliating your skin is essential if you’re trying to fade the look of dark spots. The more you exfoliate, the faster you’ll be able to even out your complexion. With that said, don’t go overboard! Exfoliating too often will only make those dark spots even darker, making it important to find the perfect middle ground.

While facial scrubs can be incredibly useful, chemical exfoliants, aka hydroxy acids, tend to be the best choice if you’re hoping to lighten the appearance of dark spots. They effectively remove the outer layer of skin, revealing the younger skin cells beneath that have a brighter and more even tone. 

However, go with an overly potent chemical exfoliant and you run the risk of exacerbating your dark spots. A gentler hydroxy acid, such as the mandelic acid used in the Avinichi Noni Polishing Peel, would be a far better choice!

Invest in Antioxidants

Liquid Lift Overnight Melting Mask

Dark spots form due to over-exposure to the sun. They’re a sign of sun damage, which is why sun worshippers tend to experience them earlier in life than those who prefer to stay in the shade. 

When it comes to repairing the appearance of sun damage, it doesn’t get much better than antioxidants. These powerful compounds will not only help to lighten the look of your dark spots, but they’ll also smooth, firm, and brighten your entire complexion.

Since antioxidants always work best when they’re combined with other antioxidants, look for a product that crams plenty of these compounds in, just like the Avinichi Liquid Lift Overnight Melting Mask. Take a look at its ingredient list and you’ll spot a long line of superfood extracts in there, each one famous for its exceptionally high antioxidant content!

Turn to Vitamin C

Hydrating Multifruit C-Serum

All antioxidants are great, but vitamin C is one that’s worth paying some extra attention to. Research confirms that this antioxidant is fantastic at lightening the appearance of excess pigmentation. As you probably know, vitamin C offers numerous other benefits too, which is why it’s such a popular skincare ingredient.

The best way to saturate your skin with vitamin C is with a vitamin C serum. Creams containing the ingredient are useful too but a serum has a lighter consistency that enables it to work on a deeper level of your complexion.

Again, with vitamin C being an antioxidant, the best results are seen when it’s blended with other antioxidants. That’s exactly what we’ve done with the Avinichi Hydrating Multifruit C-Serum. Not only does it boast two types of vitamin C, but it’s also loaded with vitamin A, vitamin E, black mulberry extract, and several antioxidant-rich plant oils.

Reach For Retinoids

Mulberry Collection Flatlay

Now that we’ve talked about vitamin C, let’s move on to vitamin A. Just like vitamin C, it’s available in many forms, with the ingredient group as a whole known as retinoids. Studies show that topical retinoids can have a huge impact when it comes to fading the appearance of dark spots, making this an ingredient group worth reaching for.

You’ll find retinoids in several Avinichi products, with the Mulberry Velvet Silk Crème from our Mulberry Hydrating Regimen being one. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that not only features vitamin A, but also contains the next two ingredients that we’re about to recommend…

Add Licorice Root Extract to Your Routine

Eye Rescue Phyto-Serum

In addition to vitamins A and C, there are a few other ingredients out there that are superstars at helping to banish the appearance of dark spots. Licorice root extract is one of the most popular. It contains a compound that slowly clears away the visibility of excess pigmentation. Even better, since this is a botanical ingredient, you won’t have to worry about any side effects. The same can’t be said for many of the chemical skin-lightening ingredients out there.

It’s not just our Mulberry Velvet Silk Crème that features licorice root extract – you’ll find it in several other Avinichi products too. Our Eye Rescue Phyto-Serum, for example, also contains the ingredient, making it easy to tackle the look of dark spots around the eyes.

Make the Most of Aloe Vera

Purifying Toner-1

Aloe vera isn’t an ingredient that many people turn to when they’re trying to reduce the visibility of dark spots. It’s not quite as publicized for this purpose as some of the other ingredients that we’ve discussed, such as retinoids and vitamin C. However, several studies confirm that the ingredient is great at lightening the appearance of hyperpigmentation. At the same time, it also soothes the feeling of inflammation while providing a burst of hydration.

Since aloe vera is also quite a gentle ingredient, the best products will feature the ingredient at the top of their ingredient lists, just like the Avinichi Noni Pore Purifying Toner. With aloe vera leaf juice being one of its main ingredients, you’ll be able to soak your skin in all of the goodness that this botanical has to offer.

Use Specialized Products Around Your Eyes

Dark Circle Eye Perfecting Cream

Due to how thin the skin around the eyes is, this area is particularly prone to dark spots. While you can go ahead and use your regular facial skincare products around your eyes, the best results are seen when dedicated eye care products are applied. 

We’ve already talked about our eye serum but the Avinichi Dark Circle Eye Perfecting Cream would be worth trying too. With vitamins A and C, along with several powerful antioxidants, it’s an excellent formula for lightening and brightening the look of a discolored eye area.

Pay Special Attention to Your Décolletage

Lift + Tighten Superberry Neck Cream

It’s not just the skin around the eyes that’s known for being particularly thin – the skin on the décolletage is the same. As a result, this area is highly susceptible to the visible signs of skin aging, meaning wrinkles and dark spots.

While this may be the case, many still treat their neck and chest as a part of their body. This means that the area tends to miss out on the specialized products that the face is pampered with. As a result, dark spots take so much longer to disappear.

If you’ve noticed dark spots on your neck or chest, make sure that you’re carrying your entire facial skincare routine down to these areas. It would also be worth investing in a dedicated décolletage product, such as the Avinichi Lift + Tighten Superberry Neck Cream. This moisturizer is full of vitamins and antioxidants that will help to even out your skin tone while firming the look of loose skin.

Give Microneedling a Try

Hydrating Collection

There are now several published studies that show how effective microneedling is at lightening the appearance of hyperpigmentation. In fact, many experts would go as far as saying that this is one of the best techniques to try if you’re hoping to see an improvement as soon as possible.

What makes microneedling even more appealing is that it will help your skin in so many other ways too. From tightening and smoothing away the look of wrinkles to minimizing the visibility of enlarged pores, this is a technique that can be extremely advantageous. 

Although microneedling could previously only be carried out by professionals, at-home derma rollers are now available. Treat yourself to the Avinichi Mulberry Collection set and you’ll be able to give the microneedling process a try with the derma roller that comes with the collection!

Brighten the Look of Dark Spots on Your Body With the Gleaming Radiance Body Exfoliator

Gleaming Radiance Body Exfoliator-1

While dark spots on the face tend to receive the most attention, over-exposure to the sun can cause the skin on the body to develop dark spots too. The good news is that the same rules apply in terms of the ingredients that you should be using. Try spot-treating your discolored areas of skin with your facial skincare products.

With that said, not all of your facial skincare products will be able to penetrate through the thicker skin on your body. Your exfoliator is a good example. The skin on the body is more robust and needs an exfoliator that can cater to this, just like the Gleaming Radiance Body Exfoliator from Avinichi. It will polish up your complexion while encouraging your skin to shed its discolored cells.

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Skin Protected From the Sun

As we’ve mentioned a few times, dark spots usually form when the skin has experienced too much sun exposure. Those UV rays stimulate the skin to produce more melanin. This is the pigment that gives your skin its color. When too much melanin is produced, the pigment ends up gathering under certain areas of your skin rather than being evenly distributed throughout. Dark spots then form as a result of this.

Even if you follow all of the advice that we’ve provided above, you’ll never be able to banish the appearance of dark circles unless you’re also protecting your skin from the sun. This way, your skincare products will have some time to work without UV rays causing existing dark circles to darken, or new ones to form.

This means ensuring that your skin is always covered with a minimum SPF of 30. You’ll need to do this throughout the year as the sun’s UV rays can cause discoloration in the winter months too. Make sure that you reapply your sunscreen every couple of hours to keep your skin sufficiently protected until the end of the day.

Final Words

As you can see, there are a variety of methods that you can turn to if you’re hoping to fade the appearance of dark circles. Each one that we’ve mentioned above is effective but combining multiple methods is what will bring you the best results. Be consistent with the care that you give to your skin and it won’t be long before you’re sporting a clearer and more even complexion!

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