How to Choose the Right Products For Your Skin Type

woman applying cream

Published: April 30, 2024

woman applying cream

Any dermatologist will tell you that the most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for new skincare products is your skin type. This alone will determine which products will work well on your skin, as well as which won’t. 

But how do you go about actually choosing the right products for your skin type? Keep reading as Avinichi explains!

First…Make Sure That You Know What Your Skin Type is 

When was the last time you properly assessed your skin type to identify what it is? 

If you haven’t done this for a few months, then this is the first place to start. Many people don’t realize that their skin type can change over time. Everything from the weather to your age to hormonal fluctuations will influence your skin type, so make sure that your knowledge of it is up to date.

How to Determine Your Skin Type

There are a few different methods that you can turn to to determine your skin type. The easiest is to wash your face with a gentle cleanser that your skin doesn’t react to. Then, leave it to dry and don’t apply any other products to it. After half an hour, take a look in the mirror and gently touch your skin to see which of the following skin type categories it falls under:

  • Dry Skin – This skin type is characterized by a lack of sebum, making it look and feel quite dry. Leaving it bare after cleansing also usually leads to the skin feeling quite tight in an uncomfortable way. Scaling and flaky patches are also commonly seen on dry skin.
  • Oily Skin – This skin type produces too much sebum, giving it a shiny finish. If your skin feels greasy and your pores look quite noticeable, then your skin type is likely oily. This also means that you’ll be more susceptible to acne breakouts than other skin types.
  • Combination Skin – This skin type features elements of both dry skin and oily skin, hence its name. Usually, it’s the t-zone that takes on the oiliness and the cheeks that look or feel dry.
  • Sensitive Skin – As its name implies, this skin type is easily prone to sensitivities. It reacts to various triggers, resulting in redness and inflammation. If your skin often looks blotchy and raw while feeling irritated and uncomfortable, there’s a good chance that your skin type is sensitive.
  • Normal Skin – This is the rarest skin type but the easiest one to deal with. If your skin doesn’t often cause you problems and you don’t recognize any of the characteristics of the other skin types above, your skin type is normal.

Choosing the Right Products For Dry Skin

Overnight melting mask

The reason that dry skin feels dry is that it doesn’t produce enough sebum on its own. Sebum is the natural oil that coats and lubricates the skin’s surface. It conditions the skin to keep it feeling soft and supple, which is why dry skin takes on a much rougher texture.

The best way to counter this lack of sebum is by using rich moisturizing products. Your skin needs ingredients that will help to compensate for its lack of sebum. This means reaching for natural oils and butters, which will form their own lipid layer over the skin’s surface, just like sebum does.

This is why the first Avinichi product that we always recommend to people with dry skin is the Noni Night Repair Cream. Its luscious texture is down to a combination of shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and sunflower seed oil. They’re packed with fatty acids that will quickly have your skin feeling buttery soft and silky smooth.

An overnight moisturizing face mask can also work wonders on dry skin. Face masks in general are great for giving the skin a boost of moisture, and overnight formulas have extra time to work their magic. The Avinichi Liquid Lift Overnight Melting Mask would be a great one to try. It’s brimming with hydrating ingredients and superfruit extracts, ensuring that your skin looks plump and dewy when you wake up. 

Choosing the Right Products For Oily Skin

Thermal Mask

If you’ve had oily skin for a while, then you’ll likely already be aware of how important it is to regularly cleanse and exfoliate your skin. These two techniques are the best ways to de-grease your complexion and remove all of that excess sebum that your skin is producing. If you don’t, you’ll only end up with clogged pores and acne breakouts.

However, there are a couple of other ways to tackle all of that extra grease. One of these is with a clay mask. Clay is loved for how it quickly binds itself to sebum. This means that when you wash away the clay, all of that excess sebum will disappear down the drain with it. 

Clay is made all the more effective when combined with heat. This is why many choose to do a facial steam when they’re using a clay mask. However, if you prefer to keep your skincare routine simple, the Avinichi Phyto Remedy Thermal Mask is a fantastic alternative. It’s a clay mask that gently heats up as it’s applied to the skin, meaning that you won’t need to bother with a separate facial steam. It has the same effect of leaving the pores feeling relaxed and more flexible, enabling the clay to draw out even more oil.

Choosing the Right Products For Combination Skin

mousse cleanser

Many experts would agree that combination skin is the trickiest skin type to deal with. Due to having both dry and oily areas, you need to be very careful when choosing skincare products. Sure, you could go with two separate batches of products, one suitable for oily skin and the other for dry skin, but get the wrong product on the wrong area of skin and you could end up making things much worse for yourself.

Life is easiest if you have skincare products that are suitable for use on both dry and oily skin, at least when it comes to your basics. The Avinichi Noni Mousse Cleanser meets the mark. It’s a moisturizing formula that beautifully cleanses away excess oil without leaving the skin feeling overly dry.

An exfoliator is another skincare essential that can be tricky to find for both dry and oily skin. This is why we created the Avinichi Noni Polishing Peel. It combines bamboo powder with mandelic acid, enabling it to exfoliate both physically and chemically. This means that, just like our cleanser, it’s able to remove just the right amount of impurities without stripping the skin dry. Use it twice a week all over your face and then give your oily areas an extra exfoliation session once a week.

Choosing the Right Products For Sensitive Skin

Purifying Toner

Sensitive skin can be extremely frustrating to care for. Even though many of the products out there claim to be suitable for sensitive skin, chances are that most of those aren’t. What makes shopping for skincare even harder is that everyone’s sensitive skin is different. Two people with sensitive skin won’t necessarily share the same triggers. One person may be able to use a skincare product without any issues while the other may experience serious irritation after applying it.

The reason your skin is sensitive is because your skin barrier has been compromised somehow. Your aim should be to have your skin barrier feeling balanced and fortified once again, as this will reduce the appearance of future sensitivities.

How can you do this? Start by adding a high-quality, alcohol-free toner to your skincare routine, just like the Avinichi Noni Pore Purifying Toner. It’s packed with ingredients that will calm and rebalance your complexion, leaving it feeling stronger.

Hydration is something else that can make your skin feel less sensitive in the long run. In addition to regularly applying hydrating creams and serums, find a hydrating face mask that your skin can tolerate. The Avinichi Noni Advanced Hydro-Gel Face & Eye Mask is one that many with sensitive skin love. Its short ingredient list means that there’s less chance of reacting to it. The fact that it’s a hydrogel mask is an advantage too. It’s a material that’s often used in the medical field because of how it soothes the feel of the skin while infusing it with large amounts of moisture.

Choosing the Right Products For Normal Skin

Hydrating Multifruit C-Serum

If your skin type is normal, you’re in luck. This means that your skin produces just the right amount of sebum – enough to keep it conditioned but not so much that it looks greasy. Because of this, you’ll have far fewer skin concerns to deal with. It’s unlikely that the flaking and peeling commonly associated with dry skin, or the clogged pores and pimples that come with oily skin, will affect you.

As a result, when it comes to the skincare products you use, focus on ensuring that you’re giving your skin all of the basic essentials. Cleanse it twice a day, exfoliate twice a week, and make sure that you’re keeping your skin well-moisturized.

In terms of ingredients to keep an eye out for, vitamin C is always a good one. It’s one of the best all-rounder ingredients out there, capable of benefiting every skin type. Not only will it prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but it will also brighten your skin, keep it feeling protected against environmental damage, and boost hydration. There are plenty of studies out there that confirm all of this and more.

The best way to treat your skin to this superstar antioxidant is with a serum, such as the Avinichi Hydrating Multifruit C-Serum. In addition to vitamin C, it contains a long list of other antioxidants. Together, they’ll leave your skin with a gorgeous glow!

Skincare For All Skin Types From Avinichi

If you want your skincare products to be effective and work to their full potential, it’s so important that you choose the right products for your skin type. Now that you have the guidelines above to follow, this should be easier than ever. Keep our tips in mind the next time you need some new skincare and your skincare routine will soon seem all the more powerful!

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